Gothic Readers Book Club

The Gothic Readers Book Club is a gathering of like-minded souls who read Gothic literature. Our goal is promote the best in modern and classic Gothic literature from around the globe.

Over the years, the Gothic Book Club has informally voted on the books we've read in order to create a list of the best Gothic fiction going. We've decided to make that list public and honor those works of fiction that stand above the rest.

Our criteria for Gothic fiction:

1) A work must have elements of the Gothic literature movement of the 1800s. These can include the British Gothic novel stylistic elements, Schauerroman, Gespensterroman/Geisterroman, Räuberroman, Ritterroman, and roman noir.

2) The work must be well-written with a narrative or poetry style in the Gothic vein (emphasis on lyrical, descriptive language).

3) Like Poe, we believe that terror is a legitimate literary subject. Guts, rape, torture, abuse, and anything that feels like it would sit nicely next to a Jason or Freddy movie doesn't work here.

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