Gothic Readers Book Club

The Gothic Readers Book Club is a gathering of like-minded souls who read Gothic literature. Our goal is promote the best in modern and classic Gothic literature from around the globe.

The Walls of the Castle is a haunting story of a soul trapped in guilt and loss. The castle is an old structure now serving a hospital, and it becomes the literal trap for a man struggling to deal with his son's death. The protagonist Kasteel is a man driven by dark impulses and his belief in life, the system, and happiness has been shattered. In desperation, he attempts to save others as a form of redemption, but there is more to the castle than doctors and medicine. As Kasteel seeks answers, he only finds more questions. Madness, fear of the unknown, and pain fill the pages. There were a few threads left dangling in the end, but this is a fine tale.

If You Like: Henry James, Sheridan Le Fanu, H.P. Lovecraft



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